Company Message from the President

NIPPAN IPS Co., Ltd. President and CEO:Sato Hiroshi

The Power to Imagine the World

Our company name, IPS, stands for "International Publications Service." International and Publishing constitute the core of our global business.

In the fall of 2019, the Nippan Group became a holding company, and Nippan IPS became the center of the Nippan Group's overseas business. We hold the Group's company philosophy at the heart of every enterprise: to value the relationship between people and cultures above all, and to devote ourselves to enriching the lives of our customers across the world.

We need to constantly visualize how our efforts can contribute to a more fulfilling life for our customers, business partners and employees. Each and every one of us will be committed to this cause.

Imagine an Expatriate treating their family to some much-missed Japanese food in their stationed country. Or an English book found in a store by chance leading to compelling conversation with that English-speaking boss. Imagine a Japanese magazine finding its way to the shelves of a bookshop in a foreign country and becoming the hottest topic in a fashionable local café, or a novel published by a small, one-man publisher being noticed and raved about by enthusiastic bookshop clerks and landing a translation deal. And most of all, imagine every member of our team finding a sense of accomplishment and dedication in working for the happiness of others.

Our work as the professionals backstage will be the catalyst to countless scenes like these.

President and CEO
Sato Hiroshi