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    Consent form for handling personal information

    In an effort to provide services to the customer, NIPPAN IPS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") will collect the customer's personal information. In handling such personal information, the Company shall make every effort to protect it in accordance with the stipulations below. Carefully reading and then agreeing to this consent form allows the customer to use this website.

    1.Utilization Purpose

    The Company shall use the personal information stated in clause 2, based on the customer's approval, for the purposes listed below. Except in cases where required to do so under the Personal Information Protection Law or other relevant laws and ordinances, the Company shall not use the customer's personal information beyond this scope without the customer's approval.

    (a)To arrange, ship, and manage orders from the customer.
    (b)For settlement and management of credit card payment.
    (c)For customer management, contract management, and communication.
    (d)To answer inquiries from the customer.

    2.Customer Information

    The provision of the customer information below is a requirement for using this site. Note that when personal information is given through this site's data entry form, communications are encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

    【Personal information provided voluntarily by the customer】
    (b)Email address
    (c)Password (*1)
    (f)Telephone number
    (g)Fax number (optional)
    (h)Staff code (employee number)
    (i)Date of birth
    (j)Password reset question
    (k)Answer to reset password
    (l)Type of assignment
    (m)Number of accompanying persons
    (n)Month/Year of assignment
    (o)Information on accompanying person(s)

    【Handling of personal information including credit card information】
    The purpose of use of the customer's credit card information such as cardholder, card number, and expiration date, the name of the person from whom the credit card information will be obtained and to whom it will be provided, and the storage period are:

    ・Purpose of use: To settle the payment for purchased products and services, and to display the credit card information as one of the payment methods when the customer places an order after the registration of the credit card information.
    ・Name of the company the information is obtained by: NIPPAN IPS Co., Ltd.
    ・Name of the party to whom the information is provided: (1) credit clearing house, (2) each credit card company of the credit card used at the time of payment
    ・Storage period:The customer is required to follow the service agreement of the settlement company to complete the settlement procedure directly through the link transition type settlement. The Company does not retain credit card information.

    【Information automatically collected when the customer accesses this site】(*2)
    (q)IP address

    *1) The password is stored in encrypted form from time of acquisition.
    *2) The Company acquires information using cookies and web beacons (clear GIFs) from visitors from when they access this site, along with IP address access logs. These do not necessarily identify the visitors themselves.

    About cookies: A cookie is a mechanism which, when the customer accesses a website, stores communication between the customer's computer and that site's server on the customer's browsing history and content input etc., in a file on the customer's computer. The Company uses cookies to remember the customer's computer terminal and to improve the services through analysis and collecting statistics. The customer can disable cookies in their browser settings, but by disabling cookies the site may not work properly.

    About web beacons: Web beacons (GIFs) are small-scale image files, and embedding them in web pages and mail magazines, allows the Company to understand the customer's browsing history and use of cookies. The Company uses web beacons at times to understand customers' needs from the browsing status of each page on this site and the percentages of customers opening the mail magazine, helping to improve the services going forward.

    About IP address: An IP address is a number assigned to a computer terminal when connecting to the Internet. It does not necessarily identify the individual. In order to improve the services on this site through analysis and collecting statistics, the Company may record the IP address from which the visitor's communications are thought to originate.

    3.Acquisition of Personal Information

    a.The Company shall strictly comply with all Japanese laws and ordinances.
    b.The Company has been awarded a Privacy Mark and complies with the Personal Information Protection Management Systems (JIS Q 15001).
    c.The Company is working to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. (*3).

    *3)GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation for the European Union (EU), is a law to protect personal information. This new law came into effect on May 25, 2018, replacing the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) which had been in force since 1995.

    4.Privacy Policy

    a) When the customer provides personal information to the Company, in addition to being able to request restrictions to be placed on the handling of their own data and changes to or deletion of the information, the customer may request the Company to send their own data which the Company has acquired either to the customer himself/herself or to a third party designated by the customer. (However, the data which can be sent to a third party shall be limited to that which can be handled using the technology the Company possesses.)
    The Company shall respond to such requests in good faith insofar as they do not contradict applicable laws or regulations on commercial transactions.
    b) The customer may file with the Company any objection they have regarding the handling of their own data. Also, the customer may file with the regulatory authorities any objection they have regarding the Company's handling of their own data.
    c) The customer may at any time revoke the approval given to the Company for the handling of the data in clause 1. above. However, such revocation shall not affect the legality of the Company's handling of data before the customer revoked approval.
    d) In order to minimize data and maintain accuracy, the Company shall delete the personal information it holds when a customer has not used this site for 3 years. Also, enquiry and order emails shall be deleted 2 years after the date of receipt or delivery. Inquiries about emails sent more than 2 years earlier cannot be processed.
    e) The Company may provide personal information, including the customer's purchasing information, to the company which the customer belongs to upon request.

    5.Storage Server

    The personal information registered by the customer on this site shall be stored on a server installed in Japan. The Company shall make every effort using firewalls and antivirus protection etc., to prevent leaks, destruction or degradation of information. This site itself is also equipped with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for encryption; however, this does not indicate data integrity.

    6.Use by Visitors under 16 Years of Age

    This site is not available for customers under the age of 16. The approval and permission of the customer's guardian shall be required in cases where customers under the age of 16 use this site.

    7.Links to Other (External) Sites

    In order to further publicize information on its merchandise and contents, this site may carry external links. The relevant external sites' privacy policies shall apply to such external sites. In cases where the customer provides their information to such external sites, the Company shall carry no responsibility whatsoever.

    8.Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information

    In order to provide improved services to the customer, the Company may for business management reasons outsource a part of its operations and entrust the customer's personal information to an outsourcing company. In this case, an outsourcing company which is deemed capable of appropriately handling personal information shall be selected, and shall contractually agree to properly manage personal information, maintain confidentiality, and properly manage the customer's personal information in the agreed manner so as to prevent information leaks. Such companies shall include:

    (a) The company providing and maintaining the management server for this site
    (b) Payment service company (for transitional payment through links, the customer directly follows the payment process in accordance with the payment company's service agreement. The Company does not retain credit-card information.)
    (c) Logistics management company
    (d) Correspondence-course service providers

    9.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties in Other Countries

    In the course of distribution to foreign countries where the customer wishes the Company to deliver the products, the Company entrust personal information of the customers to subcontractors. In such cases, the Company selects contractors that are deemed to handle personal information appropriately, and the Company requires them to implement appropriate management of personal information by stipulating in contracts and other agreements the matters necessary to prevent the leakage of customer information.

    ・Where to provide: The country where the customer wishes to have the product delivered.
    ・Information on the system for the protection of personal information in other countries: Information on the system for the protection of personal information in the other country is provided in the information document "Survey on the System for the Protection of Personal Information in Foreign Countries" published by the Personal Information Protection Commission. (
    ・Information on the measures taken by the third party to protect personal information: The Company is unable to provide this information because it cannot identify the country at this time.

    10.Provision of Information to Third Parties

    Except in cases stipulated by law or listed below the Company shall not provide the customer's personal information to a third party without obtaining the consent of the said customer.

    ・Purpose of providing personal information to a third party: The Company may provide your personal information, including the purchase information, to the company which the customer belongs to upon request.
    ・What personal information to be provided: Name, purchase details, etc.
    ・Method of peovision: E-mail, etc.
    ・The type of organization and attributes of the person or persons to whom the information is provided: the company to which the cusomter belongs.

    11.Voluntary Submission of Personal Information

    The submission of personal information by the customer to the Company is optional. However, if personal information is not submitted, the Company cannot reply or provide services.

    12.Methods of Exercising Personal Information Rights (request for disclosure etc.)

    The customer has the right to request notification of use, disclosure, amendment, addition, and deletion, as well as suspension of use and refusal to offer, disclosing records of its provision to third parties, of their own personal information. In cases where the customer wishes any of these procedures to be undertaken by the Company based on these rights, the customer is requested to contact the Company using the inquiry form.

    13.Employee Training

    All Company employees are obliged to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and to undergo training on maintenance of confidential information and privacy. All Company employees are committed to the protection of the customer's personal information.

    14.Foreign-Language Versions of the Agreement

    If there are any discrepancies between the Japanese, English and Chinese versions of this consent form, the Japanese version will prevail.

    Inquiries, please use this inquiry form.
    Operated by: NIPPAN IPS Co., Ltd

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    Satoshi Miyazaki
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    Masaya Togo