Bringing the charm of woodblock prints to the young people of Taiwan!

The concept of our proposal to UNSODO was to convey the appeal of woodblock prints to young people in Taiwan.
Our target is "Young people in Taiwan who are interested in art and culture".

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Nature of business Publication of art books (woodblock print books and books), production and sale of fine art woodblock prints, and manufacture and sale of Japanese goods.
Person in charge Ms Morita (planning and internal coordination), Mr Liu (responsible for all practical matters such as product descriptions and images, product preparation and shipping).

Proposals from Nippan IPS and Ryhsheng Books

The concept of our proposal to UNSODO was to convey the appeal of woodblock prints to young people in Taiwan.
Our target is "Young people in Taiwan who are interested in art and culture".
We created a system that not only sells woodblock prints, but also tells the process, which means the story, of how the prints were made, so that people will think Japanese woodblock prints are cool and buy them.
We made a proposal from the planning stage all the way through, taking into consideration who the target audience was and how to appeal to them.
For the approach method, we chose a partner who was close to the target and sympathized with the appeal of woodblock prints from the local network that Ryhsheng Books had.

The first partner is "黒潮文化", Taiwanese media.

They publish a quarterly magazine, "秋刀魚", and are good at disseminating information via web media and SNS. They helped us to spread the information.


Our second partner is Boven, a Taiwanese bookstore.

There is a magazine library in the basement, it also has a cafe and gallery space. The bookstore has a collection of about 20,000 magazines, photo books, art books, and art books from Taiwan and abroad, selected by Mr. Spencer, a well-known figure in the Taiwanese publishing industry.
We are grateful for the cooperation of the gallery for the exhibition and sales space.


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What were your impressions of working with Nippan IPS and Ryhsheng Books?

Through this project it was able to introduce Japanese woodblock prints to the Taiwanese public with the help of Mr. Adachi (Ryhsheng Books), who knows the Taiwanese market well.
We are very proud of their cooperation with bookstores, their efforts to showcase their work on the web and locally, and their efforts to convey the appeal of woodblock prints.
We also collaborated with the local mass media to publish articles in magazines.
It is truly that this project would not have been possible without Mr. Adachi's curiosity, effort, and passion, which led him to be interested in even the place of origin of the materials.

How did the Taiwan exhibition and sales compare with those in Japan?

In recent years, most exhibitions have been held in Japan, and most overseas sales have been via the web. We had thought that ukiyo-e and woodblock prints were only popular among middle-aged and older people, but this time, the attitude of introducing them to young people was very fresh.
The products and advertising methods chosen by the gallery were also geared toward young people, and the tasteful displays were also helpful. We were able to introduce a wide range of products for sale, including Ukiyo-e reprints, new woodblock prints, and contemporary woodblock prints.
We believe that by having people actually see the woodblock prints, the appeal of woodblock prints was really conveyed to people. In terms of the number of prints sold and the variety of prints, we consider this to be a rare success in recent years.

Based on this initiative, what is your outlook for the future?

It is under these circumstances that we would like to realize an exhibition of woodblock prints in China.
I think it is important to continue exchanges in any country.
In Taiwan, we would be happy to sell Miniature books.

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